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NICTER Reports

We summarize the cyber attack data collected by observing darknet traffic or various honeypots as an annual report.

NICTER Observation Report 2023

This report mainly summarizes below information:

  • 2023 Darknet Observation Statistics
    • Annual Packet Observation Count
    • Daily Trends in Observed Packet Counts
    • Packet Counts by Destination Port
  • Analysis of Observed Events
    • Trends in the Number of Mirai-infected Hosts
    • Activities of Infected Slurs Botnet
    • IoT Botnet Infections Targeting LTE Routers
    • Analysis of Scanning Activities by Organizations
  • Status of DRDoS Attacks

Key figures and tables in the report are shown below.

Table1. NICTER Darknet Observation Statistics (last 10 years)
Figure 1. Number of observed packets per 1 IP address per year (last 10 years)
Figure 2. Distribution of packets by destination port number (excluding packets from Internet scanners)

Terms and Conditions for Use of NICTER Observation Report

01 Contact information for use

Please contact the Press Office of the Public Relations Department in advance of using the NICTER reports.

■ Contact

Press Office, Public Relations Department, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Tel: 042-327-6923

02 Description of Source

When using the NICTER reports, please provide the source.

■ Example

Source: NICTER Observation Report 20XX, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

03 Disclaimer

While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the NICTER reports, NICT assumes no responsibility for any actions, negligent or otherwise, taken by users using the reports.

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