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Data-driven cybersecurity research for countering emerging cyber attacks

NICTER Report 2023

About Cybersecurity Laboratory

The Cybersecurity Laboratory (CSL) is engaged in research and development on cybersecurity technologies to counter the threat of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and contribute to the safety and security of society.
We have defined two R&D pillars in our laboratory.

One is “Data-driven cybersecurity technology,” which promotes the establishment and advancement of technologies to observe various types of cyberattacks, visualization technologies to support situational understanding, and automatic analysis and countermeasure technologies using AI technologies. The key to cybersecurity research is data, i.e., the point of the R&D is how to build systems in which fresh and real cyberattack data is collected and accumulated constantly on a large scale. For this reason, CSL develops and operates many large-scale cyberattack observation systems such as NICTER.

The other is “Emerging security technology,” which promotes security verification technology capable of dealing with emerging technologies, such as new communication devices, connected cars, and 5G/Beyond 5G networks. For example, we built security verification environments for hardware, including electronic circuits, chips, and real cars. Through threat analysis and attack scenario evaluation, we try to identify security-related issues and address them. Furthermore, in the cybersecurity field, humans (users) are also an important factor. We carry out R&D on usable security that analyzes users’ behavior patterns, mental models, and decision-making processes to implement security measures without compromising usability.

Data-driven cybersecurity technology, New observation technology → Security big data → Automation(Machine learning, Countermeasures, Visualization) Emerging security technology, 5G / Beyond 5G, Cloud, Connected cars, Human, Telecommunication equipments



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